Security Consulting

From in-house training to procedure development and physical layout to information security, our staff stands ready to assist you in whatever area of safety measures that need to be addressed. We bring decades of experience in law enforcement, crime prevention, and information security to your table to build a strong program with you.

You are not in business to give your products away, so learn from the best – our security division staff comes from a wide range of law enforcement backgrounds.

A well trained and knowledgeable employee can save your business a considerable amount of money by loss prevention and safety awareness. Do you have procedures for handling a shoplifter? Does your staff know what to do when approaching a suspect? What if they resist? What proof do you need to get a successful prosecution? What happens after the person is stopped?

Your employees are a big asset to your company.

They should be aware of how to remain away from dangerous situations that may develop in or around the workplace including:

  • Traveling to and from home
  • Using Parking Lots
  • Making Bank Deposits
  • Unruly Customers
  • Suspicious Packages or Vehicles