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This is Zednem Enterprises.

We excel at many of your business needs, including the following:

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WineSoft Software is a point of sales solution tailored to liqour stores. With easy inventory management that supports handheld scanners and office management tools, you can management tasks to a minimum and be out on the floor building your customer relationships.

  • End of Day register reports to Daily, Weekly or Monthly Sales
  • Full color charting and report data with Drill-Down reports
  • Import your existing Data from other POS packages
  • Download a demo today - no time limits or disabled functions.
  • Demo allows for a store of up to 100 products
  • U.S. based support

Single UserWSSU-01 $1095 USD
Single User with Manager StationWSSU-01+ $1295 USD
Standard (3 stations)WSST-01$1395 USD
Multi User (4-6 stations)WSMU01$1995 USD
Multi User (per additional station)WSMU-X$100 USD

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Defensive Driver Training

Save 10% on vehicle insurance premiums for 3 years and reduce up to 4 points on your license, IN ONLY 6 HOURS!

  • New York State Defensive Driving Course

    By state law, upon completion of this course, New York drivers save on vehicle liability, personal injury and collision insurance premiums for three years. They also can reduce points on their driving record. The 6-hour, state specific, classroom workshop is based on student participation with informative videos. No formal testing is required. Day and evening classes offered.

  • Boating Safety Course

    Meets the requirements for NY States mandatory boating and personal watercraft safety course. The 8-hour instructor led workshop is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and is recognized by the United States Coast Guard. Satisfactory completion may earn you up to a 15% discount on your watercraft insurance premiums annually

USE THIS LINK and enter our discount code: BJF to get $5.00 off your course fee.
CLASSROOM COURSE ALSO AVAILABLE! Call us at 716-825-7537 for a class schedule or for further information.
Zednem Enterprises is an approved provider for the Empire Safety Council.

  • Provide your employees with a proven effective health and safety program. This course has demonstrated up to 18.2% reduction in accidents and a 57.3% reduction in repeat traffic offenses, helping your employees arive on time and safely. A fast and convenient way to save money that results in employee awareness and accident prevention, increased morale and confidence, less time spent away due to injury or court actions and lifetime driver safety skills.

    Human Resources
  • Perform a community service and raise funds too! Announce your partnership in helping to reduce accidents, deaths and injuries on our state highways and waterways. Receive the highest student evaluations and financial arrangements that compare favorable. Our lesson plans are state specific, not simply a boring national lecture program.

    Continuing Education / Public Service
  • Announce your partnership in driver safety education and earn credibility among customers and the public by offering our state approved defensive driving course or personal watercraft / boating safety course.

    Private Businesses

Security Consulting

From in-house training to procedure development our staff stands ready to assist you in whatever area of safety measures that need to be addressed

You are not in business to give your products away, so learn from the best - our security division staff comes from a wide range of law enforcement backgrounds.

A well trained and knowledgeable employee can save your business a considerable amount of money by loss prevention and safety awareness. Do you have procedures for handling a shoplifter? Does your staff know what to do when approaching a suspect? What if they resist? What proof do you need to get a successful prosecution? What happens after the person is stopped?

Your employees are a big asset to your company.

They should be aware of how to remain away from dangerous situations that may develop in or around the workplace including:

Computers and Hardware


We can custom build, install, and maintain your systems to reduce failures, viruses, and downtime. We don't care if we didn't build it, we'll still help you keep it running!

Networking and Internet Access

We'll get your systems talking to each other, including server design and installation, backups, cloud services, voip, any network connected device!

Computer Support

Software installation, licensing, and management services for all platforms and operating systems. We can help you deploy desktops, laptops, thin clients, and portable devices.

SMB Market Specialized

We specialize in designing and implementing effective systems that don't break the budget, so your business can grow. We know these are critical factors in the small to medium business segment.

Web and Software Development

We'll fill your application needs across all devices.

Web Hosting Services


$29.99 per month


$39.99 per month

Standard & Setup

$49.99 per month


$159.99 per month

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